April 21, 2022

LUND, Sweden – Cellevate is inviting visitors to explore its newly redesigned website www.cellevate.com. The new website has been created to provide visitors detailed, extensive and up to date information about Cellevat3d™- the single use, scalable and sustainable breakthrough nanotechnology platform and its applications, from R&D to large scale biomanufacturing.

On the new website, visitors can also stay informed with the latest news of the company and access the latest presentations and publications.

“We are excited about our new website launch and especially about the introduction of Cellevate´s innovative nano-fiber based product portfolio – Cellevat3d™ Microcarriers – that are designed to accelerate and improve upstream bioprocessing for better, faster and more sustainable biopharmaceuticals manufacturing, at lower cost.” said Cellevate´s CEO, Laura Chirica. “We believe that this new site will allow visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence in Life Science Research applications as well as Upstream Bioprocessing Manufacturing.”

Welcome to visit us at www.cellevate.com.

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For more information, please contact:
Laura Chirica PhD
CEO Cellevate
Email: laura.chirica@cellevate.com

About Cellevate
Cellevate develops and markets products based on a proprietary nanofiber-based platform – the Cellevat3d™ – with the potential to revolutionize upstream bioprocessing from R&D to commercial manufacturing. Our latest product line in development – Cellevat3d™ microcarriers – with a commercial launch planned for 2024, provides extracellular-like environments with exceptional surface areas for adherent cell cultures. Initial results show tremendous potential to increase yields, minimize risk and reduce costs in development and manufacturing.

We offer a range of products based on our versatile and easily functionalized platform for several applications, including next generation cell- and gene therapies.