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Cellevate develops next-generation microcarriers for upstream bioprocessing, based on proprietary nanofiber technology. Cellevat3d™ is a scalable and highly customizable platform with unmatched surface area that faithfully replicates the extracellular environment found in the human body. Cellevat3d™ is a game-changer in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing with the capability to provide increased productivity at reduced risk.

Harness the power of Cellevat3d


Higher yields

Unprecedented surface area for cell growth for higher yields.


Cell-authentic environment

Nanofiber technology creates an in-vivo-like environment for more viable cell cultures.



One robust platform from pilot scale to commercial manufacture for reduced risk at tech transfer.


Easily  customizable

Customizable nanomaterial to support cell culture process development and fine tune critical process parameters for increased productivity.

Cellevate Story

Read more about the Cellevate story, going from a material-science spin-out from Lund University focusing on R&D applications to an industrial supplier for the biopharmaceutical industry.

About us

Get to know the team leading the company and learn about our strong board of directors and advisors. This team has already proved its ability to commercialize and are already selling the first products to demanding international customers.

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