December 4, 2023

LUND, Sweden – Cellevate AB, an innovative biotech company that develops the next generation of cell culture systems designed to revolutionize biomanufacturing, has successfully received the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator project half time progress approval. The project which started in October 2022, is dedicated to develop and scale up the company for the large-scale commercialization of the nanofiber-based Cellevat3d™ microcarriers product portfolio, and was audited by EIC experts who evaluated the company’s progress vs milestones and financial status.

Cellevate’s EIC Accelerator project is structured into seven distinct work packages, with the first five already initiated during the project’s initial phase (from October 2022). This phase has been focused on setting up project governance, recruiting experienced management, and making substantial advancements in the development and optimization of the materials in the validation study program of the Cellevat3d™ microcarriers in bioproduction applications. Several key partnerships have been established, including collaborations with AdBIOPRO- Advanced Bioprocessing consortium in Sweden with 26 members incl 8 excellence centers and companies, the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, and Testa Center competence center in Uppsala. The main goals of these collaborations are the evaluation of Cellevat3d™ microcarriers in bioprocessing applications, including cell- and gene therapy and vaccine production.

In addition to this, the company has initiated production scale up activities, including moving to significantly larger facilities as well as an expansion of the company’s equipment park. Finally, market access and communication activities have commenced, including stakeholder engagement, branding and presence of the company in the bioprocessing space, establishment of a Key Opinion Leader program and successful recruitment of world leading experts to Cellevate’s Scientific Advisory Board.

“Receiving approval for the EIC Accelerator project’s half-time progress provides strong evidence of the fantastic development of Cellevate in just one year. During the last twelve months, our first product portfolio, the Cellevat3d™ nanofiber based microcarriers have been developed, optimized and patented in bioprocessing applications through the combined efforts of the great team that we now have in place, and thanks to the support of EIC Accelerator and our shareholders. This milestone is a significant step towards our goal of launching the microcarriers in 2024”,  says Laura Chirica, CEO Cellevate.  

For more information, please contact:
Laura Chirica, PhD
CEO Cellevate

About the EIC Accelerator Program
The EIC Accelerator offers start-ups and SMEs grants of up to €2.5 million combined with equity investments through the EIC Fund ranging from €0.5 to €15 million. In addition to financial support, all projects benefit from a range of Business Acceleration Services that provide access to leading expertise, corporates, investors and ecosystem actors.

About Cellevate
Cellevate is a spin out from NanoLund – a world leading nanomaterial academic center, part of Lund University in Sweden. The company develops and markets products based on a proprietary nanofiber-based platform – the Cellevat3d™ – a game-changing, green and sustainable, deep-tech innovation for the biopharmaceutical industry. This platform allows for an industrial-scale production of nanofiber materials – “microcarriers” – with unparalleled surface area for cell growth, reproducibility and customization, which ultimately lead to an improved biomanufacturing productivity and process economy. Cellevat3d™ microcarriers products are designed as an integrated part of upstream bioprocess solutions, starting with laboratory testing of cell lines followed by pilot and large-scale batch production of novel classes of biological therapies, including cell- and gene therapies and vaccines. Cellevat3d™ microcarriers launch is planned for 2024.

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