June 7, 2022

Cellevate’s proprietary Cellevat3d™ Microcarriers biopharmaceuticals production program to be accelerated towards industrialization

LUND, Sweden – Today Cellevate received approval for a two-year € 2.48 million grant funded through the European Innovation Council Accelerator program. The grant is dedicated to develop and scale up for the large-scale commercialization of the nanofiber-based Cellevat3d™ Microcarriers product portfolio, designed to revolutionize the manufacturing of biological drugs.

Over 1000 companies with innovative products and technologies applied for grants within this program in 2022 with only 7.4% achieving approvals. More information and the full list can be found on the EIC website.

Dr Laura Chirica, CEO, Cellevate, commented: “We are very excited for receiving this very substantial grant and obviously grateful to the European Innovation Council for selecting our project among the many applicants. The funding allows us to accelerate the development and industrial validation of Cellevat3d™ Microcarrier. We believe we can be a very important player in the quest for increasing the efficiency of biopharmaceuticals production as well as biomanufacturing of cell and gene therapy and novel vaccines. The EU grant is a validation and recognition of both Cellevate’s innovative breakthrough nanotechnology, our plans for industrial scale application and of our team.”

For more information, please contact:
Laura Chirica PhD
CEO Cellevate
Email: laura.chirica@cellevate.com

Press Release – Cellevate wins € 2.48 million grant through the European Innovation Council Accelerator competitive program

About the EIC Accelerator Program
The EIC Accelerator offers start-ups and SMEs grants of up to €2.5 million combined with equity investments through the EIC Fund ranging from €0.5 to €15 million. In addition to financial support, all projects benefit from a range of Business Acceleration Services that provide access to leading expertise, corporates, investors and ecosystem actors.

About the Cellevat3d™ platform
The Cellevat3d™ is our proprietary nanofiber-based platform. It can provide a 60 times larger area per gram for cell growth compared to competing solutions, resulting in increased possible biomass and thus product yields from our customers systems. The platform is also designed to mimic the structures of the human extracellular matrix, providing optimal conditions for cell growth. Finally, it is possible to integrate the platform into all current cell culture solutions used from R&D to clinical manufacturing scale, ranging from simple cell culture plates to large stirred tank bioreactors, allowing customers to stay with the same solution throughout their process development (thus reducing risks and costs).
In all, our product is designed to accelerate the biomanufacturing revolution and we will push the limits of today’s biological drugs production to a previously unachievable level of quality and efficiency.

About Cellevate
Cellevate develops and markets products based on a proprietary nanofiber-based platform – the Cellevat3d™ – with the potential to revolutionize upstream bioprocessing from R&D to commercial manufacturing. Our latest product line in development – Cellevat3d™ Microcarriers – with a commercial launch planned for 2024, provides extracellular-like environments with exceptional surface areas for adherent cell cultures. Initial results show tremendous potential to increase yields, minimize risk and reduce costs in development and manufacturing.
We offer a range of products based on our versatile and easily functionalized platform for several applications, including next generation cell- and gene therapies.