May 4, 2023

LUND, Sweden – Cellevate AB, an innovative biotech company that develops the next generation of cell culture systems designed to revolutionize biomanufacturing, today announces that Dr. Thierry Ziegler, has been appointed to the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Ziegler has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in biopharmaceutical development and production with the main focus on the biological drugs from companies such as Merck-Serono, Igyxos and Sanofi.

During his career, Dr. Thierry Ziegler had the opportunity to work on multiple monoclonal antibodies as well as many other types of biologics modalities ranging from recombinant proteins to CAR-T cells. He is familiar with the CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) and regulatory aspects of biologics from clinical development to life cycle management. Dr. Ziegler is a Bioprocess engineer and got his PhD at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).

“I am pleased to join Cellevate as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Right now, the highly innovative biomedicines that are being developed require completely novel approaches to bioproduction. In this regard, I am looking forward to contributing to the implementation of Cellevate’s innovative nanotechnology that holds a great potential to enable more patients to get access to new treatments”, says Dr. Thierry Ziegler.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Thierry Ziegler to Cellevate’s Scientific Advisory Board. His extensive experience and expertise in biopharmaceutical development, specifically in biotherapeutics clinical development and industrialization within cell and gene therapies, will bring invaluable insights to our team. We are confident that Dr. Ziegler’s knowledge will help and guide us to a faster integration of the Cellevat3d™ microcarriers in biomanufacturing”, says Laura Chirica, CEO Cellevate.

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Laura Chirica, PhD
CEO Cellevate

About Cellevate
Cellevate is a spin out from NanoLund – a world leading nanomaterial academic center. The company founded in 2014, develops and markets products based on a proprietary nanofiber-based platform – the Cellevat3d™ – a game-changing, green and sustainable, deep-tech innovation for the biopharmaceutical industry. This platform allows for an industrial-scale production of microcarriers with unparalleled surface area for cell growth, reproducibility and customization. Cellevat3d™ microcarriers products are designed for laboratory testing of cell lines as well as pilot and large-scale batch production of novel classes of biological therapies, including cell- and gene therapies and vaccines. Cellevat3d™ microcarriers have a commercial launch and sales start planned for 2024.

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