Customized Solutions

How it works

Cellevate uses networks of nanofibers to mimic different types of tissue. Our strength lies in our unique technology, combined with years of know-how and expertise, that allows us to fine tune the parameters of the nanomaterials we create and offer our customers tailor made solutions optimized for your specific applications.

The first step towards your own tailored models is to schedule a meeting with one of Cellevate’s 3D cell culture experts. Here we create a broad understanding how a tailored made solution could add value for you and to your research. Based on this we together create a concept based on your ideas.

To make sure we create a scalable, reproducible solution, the next part of the process is based on creating an in-depth understanding of your specific pain points and needs. Together with Cellevate’s technical team the requirements and boundaries for the solution are established, to ensure compatibility with your experimental set-up. We discuss relevant read-outs and analytical methods, device an experimental plan and create the first samples.

Based on the outcomes from the previous step Cellevate’s technical team will create an array of different designs, incorporated into standard multiwell plates (ranging from 6- well to 96-well) to find the optimum material configuration and properties for your specific cell type and wanted read outs.

When developing your design, the optimization process can be as extensive as you prefer. Examples of variables we consider when optimizing for your application include e.g.:

● Structure of the model
● Choice of material
● Thickness of the fibers
● Network porosity
● Material charge
● Functional coatings

We are proud to be the only 3D cell culture provider to be able to offer this solution.

The developed evaluation platform is sent over to your labs for validation. Based on the data from your experiments we together make a decision on what material parameters generate optimal results and set the final product specifications. This step can of course be iterated if you want to include more material parameters after the first round of experiments.

The validation can either be done in your labs, or in collaboration with one of Cellevate’s local CRO partners offering turn-key solutions.

After optimization we deliver your product together with a Certificate of Conformity and all relevant guidelines.

At Cellevate we realize that the only way for us to succeed is if our customers succeed.

Your journey starts here

By filling out the short form just underneath you will be on your way to creating 3D nanofiber scaffold adapted after your needs.  The questions you have answered will give our team a head start to come prepared to our first meeting!